Tuesday, August 2, 2011

COSMOS 1999 on Tou.tv

On August 1st 2011, TOU.TV launched the "Vintage Collection" on their web site with 4 ITC shows in French.. 
1. COSMOS 1999 (SPACE: 1999)

It's nice to see that these series are given the chance to be viewed on the net at anytime.  Although the quality is good, if you are used to the bluray or the regular DVD, you won't be that impressed.   Also, they over imposed the title "COSMOS 1999" under the SPACE: 1999 logo and the end result really bad.  With today's technology they could have redone the opening credits in French with the appropriate fonts in a manner faithful to the original once and for all.  I hope that if it's ever released on bluray in Quebec that the company doing it will take the time to do so.  But I would be very surprised.  Oh well.... it's let's not be too critical and let's enjoy it as it is.

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