Friday, July 29, 2011

Sorella Lamp

Just a note to let you know that Lightform Canada inc (the company distributing the Sorella in Canada) told me that the delivery of our beloved lamp should be no later than October 1st 2011. But it could be sooner. And hopefully it will be! And wouldn't it be wonderful if it would arrived between September 9th and 13th! They told me that the reason for the delay was the unexpected high demand for the lamp ! Like we didn't know that for a long time !!!! So hopefully that is true.

Now, if Nemo-Cassina could only get the rights for the Pileo lamp. Not only would they have the Space: 1999 fans but all the Doctor Who fans too as potential buyers not to mention all the other design lovers in the world that just love that lamp for it pure beauty. And as we're at it where is the company that would re-edit all Artemide plastic furniture as it was originally designed. Not like that crap that Heller did with the Selene and especially the Gaudi. A pure massacre !!!! Shame on you Heller !!! WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN that people want the re-edition of classic pieces as they were made when they first came out. That's the reason why they are called CLASSICS !!!!!

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