Sunday, February 13, 2011

Arcadia 100 : There is a Purpose

February 9th 2011 marks the 35th anniversary of the my first viewing of "Testament of Arkadia" and the end of Cosmos 1999 first run from September 1st 1975 to February 9th 1976 on the French channel of Radio-Canada here in Montreal. So without planning it, I received on February 10th 2011, my ARCADIA 100 table by Artemide brand new in original box(old stock that was never sold). Although this table is not featured in Space: 1999, it could have been just as many other pieces of the Artemide 1973 catalogue. Since last year, I've decide to get most of the pieces featured in this catalogue. There are only a few pieces that I don't really care about, but most of this catalogue is one beautiful thing after another. Along whit the ARCADIA 100 table, I also got the ELISA umbrella stand, the POSACENERE TERRA ashtray(these 2 are not in the pictures) and the wonderful ECO table lamp all new and never used. It's really great to get vintage pieces in that perfect condition. It's like a second chance, like going back in time to go shopping.

And what a better way to christen the table than taking out my Johnny Byrne's original shooting script of Another Time, Another Place and a daily planner given to every member of the cast by Martin Landau and Barbara Bain for Christmas 1974. Johnny gave me these 2 memorabilia at the Breakaway Convention in L.A. in September 1999. When our friend, André Beauchamp, went to visit Johnny in Norfolk in 1998, Johnny gave him a bunch of original scripts to bring back to Canada. He gave us the permission to copy them all and told André that we could bring them back when we meet at the Convention 16 months later. And that's what we did. But to my great surprise, when Jerry and I got engaged on September 13th 1999 on the hotel terrace, Johnny gave me back his original script of Another Time, Another Place and the daily planner given by Martin and Barbara. And all the cast member who were there, Zienia, Prentis, Anton and Nick signed the planner for the occasion. I could not have dreamed of a better engagement gift with a greater sentimental value. Johnny also told me that night that the flowers doodlings on the back cover of the script is when they were talking about the last scene of the episode.

And that's just another example of how a great man Johnny was and how generous he was too. Thank you Johnny for being a big part of SPACE: 1999, the best TV show of all time, we will never foget you.

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This is absolutely great. Congrats!