Thursday, January 13, 2011

Habitat 2017 ?

Could the city of Montreal hire that architect to make a project on Expo 67 site or Nun's Island at an affordable price ? Is there anyone with a vision here in the province of Quebec ? Stop building those horrible condos or mega Mc Mansions that destroys the landscape. When will they ever learn that the simple geometric shapes of modernism go better with nature than that horrible architecture that we see popping up since the mid-80s. Maybe I should just move to Europe instead.....

In the meantime you can visit this site and hope....that someone hire him or get inspired. It seems that having the priviledge to be the city where HABITAT 67 was built is not enough to inspire those builders.

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Pluche said...

Totally agree with you here. Since the mid80s we've seen nothing but tepid condos being built. I've got nothing against condos constructed within old factories and such as it is a great way of preserving our architectural heritage (notwithstanding the fact that these buildings were made to last) but bland concrete blocks that looked like overpriced appartement blocks make me wonder where's the audacity today?

The website you provide in your article is great example of architecture I want to see so bad around here. Any Montreal architect reading this?