Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There is Light !

I'm entering my 5th month of archiving and filing everything in the house. It feels like forever. The only thing that came to break up the monotony is the arrival, a few weeks ago of my new Artemide "LESBO" lamp and my"ORACOLO" lamp last week. Since the "LESBO" was still in production I kept postponing buying it. But during my vacation in September, I came across a floor model on special at the boutique Avant-Scène and decided to get it right away. As for the "ORACOLO", this was a vintage one mint in original box since that model has never been reissued. Only the smaller version the "MEZZO ORACOLO has been reissued at the end of the 90s but has now been out of production again. Unfortunately, I cannot light up my "ORACOLO" yet since any of my european plug adapters won't fit on its plug so I will have to change the plug on this one. Usually, adapters always does the job on my european lamps. But even not lit up, it's a beauty. These Artemide lamps are just so incredibly well made.

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