Monday, September 13, 2010

Breaking away from the past

It seems that Breakaway day has become a day where I always do some kind of cleaning up. And this year was no exception. But this year was a bit hard on me. I decided to get rid of all the Christmas decorations. I didn't decorate since 1992 so I thought it was time to part with them. I'm glad that I found a good home for them though. I must admit that I took a picture of every Christmas ball and decoration since there were so many memories attached to them. I also got rid of two big boxes of dinnerware (mostly china) and some other things. All these objects became more of a ball and chain to me since my mother got sick and passed away in 2002.

Since I've always lived in the same house (for almost 48 years soon), all these objects were witnesses of my past. I grew up with them. Since I am an only child, I was a bit solitary and very much of a contemplative person. So it is difficult to part with them but I think it's a necessity. I think the memories attached to them are the important thing and I don't need the physical object anymore to remind me of every event attached to them.

I still have many objects that I want to get rid of but that I'm not ready to let go yet. All in due time..... you can't rush these things.

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