Sunday, June 13, 2010

The joys of archiving......

Nothing to report this month apart that I'm currently busy archiving my last 250 videotapes of the last 27 years. Ten years ago, when my boyfriend moved in with me, there were over 2000 videotapes in the house. Over the years with the release of many of our 60s & 70s TV series on DVDs, we got rid of most of them. But that last bunch remained and I finally decided to get to it and archive them once and for all.
While digging in my old tapes boxes, I got to the first 4 videotapes that I ever recorded. Of course, the first thing I ever recorded was Space: 1999. I got my first VCR in order to record the series. At the time, I didn't have much money and that's why my first VCR was a rental (yes, you could rent a VCR 27 years ago) from a company called GRANADA (Oh ! The irony). Tapes were also very expensive in those days. Those 4 tapes in the picture below were 15.00 $ each. Soon after, I discovered those discount wholesalers downtown selling tape for only 5.00 $ each ! What a bargain it was ! You can also see how badly was the labelling done on these tapes. Remember, this was when I got my first computer, an amazing 286 with a color screen and a colour printer ! Look at the amazing quality of these labels !!!! ;-p Photoshop where were you ?! We came a long way since !

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paul said...

wow - nice to that old logo for our local TV channel (Granada TV, north west England) !!