Thursday, May 13, 2010


I am pleased to annouce that the Sorella lamp will be back in production by the Nemo Cassina group. A big thank you to Maurizio D'Orsi for letting me know about that news. You can see the new Sorella lamp in their catalogue at : It is not available yet, but should be in the months to come.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ms Bujold! Soooo nice to hear that the SORELLA LAMP is back into production! It gives us all a fresher hope and a greater chance to live the SPACE:1999 experience -including STAR MAIDENS!!

Now, if we could only get an affordable WHITE GLOSSY NANNA DITZEL BARSTOOL back into the production -ALL WOULD BE WELL!

If anyone knows anything out there, contact Adam F I want to make my own STAR MAIDENS communications post!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much ,if it was'nt for your website ,i would'nt of even known about the nemo reproduction ,i would check ebay from time to time but ,trying to justify to a wife spending a large amount of money on a old plastic lamp from the 70's is hard to do ,so the price of the nemo is alot closer in range ,and its brand new ,cool,really good news ,its not just the link to space 1999 ,they are a really cool timeless shape that could fit into many modern settings ,thanks Sorellium 13 ,you made my day