Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lucciola Lamp

On february 9th, I bought this wonderful Lucciola table model (Lucciola da Tavolo) by Fabio Lenci for Guzzini. It's an incredible lamp with a very dinstinctive look. A masterpiece of minimalism. This lamp had such an aura of mystery for me for so long. We see it in many Space: 1999 year one episodes. It's always discrete but yet very present. I was very happy to finally meet her in person on March 19th when I finally received it after a long 5 weeks.

More on the subject in the months to come.


Anonymous said...

Hi!Is absolutely wonderful..... just like you! You are great! Thank Kisses from Naples Italy Mrz

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine!
Gosh Girl! How do you do it? Where do you find such pieces? I'm jealous! But keep getting them for all of us who can't!!