Friday, February 24, 2012

Vintage iGuzzini Sorella versus Nemo Cassina Sorella

Here are pictures of the Sorella lamp (vintage and new) compared with pictures taken from the exact same point of view for best comparision.  Feel free to leave comments, positive or negative.  I will transmit them to Nemo Cassina.


WalnutPointer said...

I do like how it is nearly seamless, but it's so odd how they squared off the top of the hood but kept the rest essentially the same.
I may still have to get one anyway, as I really want to have one of these lamps.

Anonymous said...

This is SAD -PERIOD! They (CASSINA) ought to be ashamed of themselves -seriously. The Italians of old school were so much better in taste and style than this new breed. I'd ask for a refund!! They need to get a dammed Space:1999 fan to supervise and shape up their ass in that sorry company because they know what's what! Very glad I didn't spent my hard earned dosh before seeing the final product. I have one single Sorella lamp and I wouldn't even think of comparing this to the new one! If I were Trump, I would would say -YOUR FIRED!!!

Robbie P said...

I am not fortunate enough to have a vintage Sorella, so I felt I had to get a couple of these! It looks like the re-design is more seamless, and I actually don't mind it because of that. (It looks like the top joins more smoothly) but I do like the more rounded look of the original design. I am wondering if the re-design has something to do with different materials being used.

I was disappointed by the lack of glossy finish on the new version. I am tempted to spray coat it sometime in the future.

If you look closely the new version appears to be painted! (and it's not the greatest paint job either!) I would hope further models of this lamp are more glossy like the original.

Catherine, I am wondering if the original is as heavy as the new version. Can you please comment on this?

Catherine Bujol. Sorellarium 13 said...


I must say that personnally, I don't like the seamless look of the new Sosorella, like I now refer to it. The apparent joint is part of the look and I love it. Now the satin/matte finish is just awful and is one more element that destroys the look of that new lamp. And indeed, it looks like it's been sprayed and not with much care. The paint seems to be unevenly distributed inside the seam also. What I don't understand, is that it was supposed to have a shiny finish according to their website. It was also supposed to be in polycarbonate and to me it doesn't look like it.

As for the weight, the first reaction I had when I took it out of the box was that it felt heavier. But when I compared holding the new one in one hand and a vintage in the other, the difference was not that great. But I think the new one is a little bit heavier. I don't have a precise scale to verify this at the moment.


Pluche said...

Nope. Vintage lamp is still the best. As for the new one, as they say: close but no cigar.

Pluche said...
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Pluche said...
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Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where you buy it because I can't find one in France !
Many thanks.

andrew said...

ughh - and to think i very breifly thought about selling my original in anticipation. "epic fail" as they say, at least the value of the vintage ones shouldnt drop at all now.
To be fair i never expected an exact copy i thought they would change someting to set it apart from the original.
At least they used the "recessed bulb" version for what its worth...

Anonymous said...

all i will say is that as the UK agent for Nemo Cassina i do happen to know that there were some very valid and strong technical reasons including (as someone has already mentioned) the use of modern materials to enable this product to be produced to the highest current standards and to a sensible budget.
-Of course it could never and in my opinion should never be an exact replica of the original but take the point of the fact that "fans of the cult series" could have been consulted for their input - this would have been very interesting and a nice gesture.
in any case - whatever this batch is - its not a production batch and you will find that they will not be a painted finish when they start to arrive in stores mid sept (UK )
let me know if anyone wants to purchase from a reputable retailer in UK as i will ensure my UK retailers will be amongst first to have stock.

Rich West said...

I just received the new Sorella 1/09/13. Of note; What I received does have a glossy white finish and does NOT appear to be painted. Is it possible they changed this? Also my bulb sits higher in it that your posed photo...? Seam is still not part of it, but otherwise it's really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

"Of course it could never and in my opinion should never be an exact replica of the original ..."

I respectfully disagree. One is either replicating a classic or is not. Artemide and so many others replicate classics all the time, not classic-like, but classic. This is like a bad knock off of a Pierre Paulin "Ribbon" chair that goes for the look but with no integrity.

Great shame, and the bulb is TERRIBLE. (I see from others, however, that they've replaced it with a proper ping pong ball-like bulb as on the original.

Thanks to Catherine for the comparison (and for saving me money).

Robert Ruiz

Catherine Bujold Sorellarium 13 said...

I've not been on the net very much in the past year being very busy with renos. But I do agree with Robert when he says that " One is either replicating a classic or is not". Especially that Nemo Cassina put a picture of the vintage model to advertise their Sorella and still are to this day. Only the technical drawing in the PDF file is faithful to their "reinterpretation" of the lamp. This is not obvious to the untrained eye. And to say that "there were some very valid and strong technical reasons including the use of modern materials to enable this product to be produced to the highest current standards and to a sensible budget" I would answer that I don't understand why it was not possible to make the shape of the shade of the new Sorella in the exact same (beautiful and perfect) shape of the vintage Sorella. I would have been ready to pay 3 times the price for a perfect replica. And after I received my lamp in February 2012 they seem to have changed for a shiny finish(a very good thing) but took out the seam that is part of the design of the lamp (not a good thing) So this lamp looks more and more ridiculous as time go by and that company should be ashamed. At least they should change their advertising picture to avoid misleading people. In closing I will say : If you can't do it right, DON'T do it. Leave it to other people who have the technical skills, the respect and the MOTIVATION to do so. I hope that some other companies, some day,(we can dream) will reissue this lamp and do it right this time.

Guillaume Leroux said...


I just bought one of this new lamp, it is glossy. As for the difference between the original design and the newest, for €150 i won't be complaining, i'm pretty sure any of the original edition goes far beyond this price.