Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strike a Pose, Vogue

During Spring 2010 I was asked if I was interested about doing an article in VOGUE CASA on my house and my furniture collection. They were supposed to send a photographer for a photo shoot (something which I really wasn't to keen on) and then they said that they could take my own pictures that were on my website. But they asked me to take pictures of certain angles of the outside of my house etc.... It took forever. They were supposed to publish it in April 2010 but it was delayed until April 2011. And finally it wasn't an article on my house but on Space: 1999 with a little mention of my Space: 1999 furniture collection. It was a bit of a deception to see that they didn't even put a little picture of my living room in the article but I wasn't surprised. I suddenly remembered why I always decline magazine offers to do an article on my space. It never comes out the way you would like it to be. But anyway, it was an experience and the person who I was in contact with and who proposed the article on me was very nice and gracious. Unfortunately the final result wasn't her decision. At least SPACE1999.NET gets a mention as they mention as being my website instead of Sorellarium13.

Anyway, here's the article in Italian with the English translation.


Joe Russo said...

Hi Sorellarium,

My name is Joe Russo, I am a big Space 1999 fan like you. I came across your Blog searching in Google. I see we have similar likes in science fiction movies as well. You like 2001, Clockwork Orange, and The Forbin Project as well as space 1999. Those are my favorites also. I would love to renovate my home in the space 1999 style, I particularly like the style of Dione's home in the episode The Last Enemy.
Do you have anymore photos of your home? Keep me posted on any updates.


Joe Banks said...

A T V station wanted to interview me once,I tuned them down beause of reading so many stories like this, they're vultures just like that old song "Dirty Laundry". Your house is great though,I did a shelf after the S 99 fashion. My sister can't stand it for some reason, she says it's like a hospital or some other institution , everything the same.