Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I just see clearer than the rest of you

What a better quote to describe the new Blu-Ray discs than this quote from Sanderson in the episode "Seance Spectre". I won't post a review just yet, but all I can say for now is the Network Blu-Ray discs are stunning. If the 2005 release was already wonderful, this one is mind blowing. To see Space: 1999 in such clarity is like seeing it for the first time. I can only recommend it very highly. The bonus features are also great and all those pictures that came out of the vault are priceless. I also like the menus, especially sound wise. They made a nice mix of essential Space: 1999 sounds and music that is very "hypnotic".

The only problems that I found with them so far is on "Another Time, Another Place". In 5.1, the fade out in the closing credits cuts abruptly. That annoys me since it's my all time favourite episode and I would have liked it to be perfect. But that's a minor defect. One correction that I like on this episode is that the sound effects during the teaser have the "swirling around the room" effect toned down that was SO over the top in the 2005 release. Now it's a lot nicer to the hear.

So I will continue reviewing as I continue watching.

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