Tuesday, July 20, 2010


At last, SPACE: 1999 is coming out on blu-ray dvds. It's about time. The most visually mind blowing show of all time deserves such a treatment. The Network remastered version was already wonderful but after I saw the Prisoner, I want Space: 1999 to look as pristine and crisp. Just can't wait. And what a better date to announce it than the 20th of July. If only we could have seen man's first landing on the Moon in the blu-ray clarity ! ;-)

Too bad A&E kept their awful dvd covers with that HORRIBLE "new and updated" logo. You don't update perfection. Leave classics alone, don't remake things so they look more "NOW". The Network cover looks better though. Too bad they didn't put the unnamed blue planet in the Sylvia Anderson credit in the opening titles or the blue light in Force of Life ! It would go better with the blu-ray concept !
But no matter the cover I'm ecstatic that Space: 1999 will finally released on blu-ray.

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Robbiep68 said...

Funny you should mention the graphics on the blu-ray version, that was the first thing that occurred to me! What was wrong with the original logo? I think it looks futuristic to this day! I must say I have seen far worse DVD design.

PS: I love your blogue and your site, and I am proud to be the first subscriber! We have a lot in common as far as our appreciation of late 60s early 70s design and of course Space:1999. Thanks for your great work!