Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Artemide family is expanding !

This week I received 4 new Artemide lamps. They are from the left :
SINTESI (not shown here)

They were all unsold old stock. So they were all brand new, never used and in perfect condition. A real collector's dream. Since I now have almost every piece of furniture that was in Space: 1999, I'm extending my collection to all the other Artemide pieces that I like. The 60s and 70s Artemide lamps are absolutely incredible. It's a shame that they only reissued a few of their classic lamps. They should have continued producing them all along with their furniture collection. Their lamps look as fresh and new today as they originally were 40 to 50 years ago. They are all true classics. Every one of them had their own personality. Nowadays, Artemide collection is a bit bland, like any other companies out there. Most lamps created by the new designers of today look alike and are very boring..... to me anyways.

Dania looking at herself in the 1973 Artemide catalogue !

Saffo and Electra on the night of their arrival.

Saffo at night

Saffo and Electra in their new environment

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